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Discover the beauty of sustainability

Slow fashion - established in 2015 in Denmark

Önling was founded in 2015 by Katrine Hannibal and Lotte Ronan, who had previously known each other for 15 years via a professional network. Both had previously been entrepreneurs and built and sold companies, and in 2015 they agreed to come together to create Önling, a small clothing label, with the purpose of creating their customers’ favorite clothes.

"We want to create the backbone of your wardrobe"

We believe that every woman uses 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time - these are her favorites that she uses again and again for many different occassions. Önling exists to create the 20% of your wardrobe that are your absolute favorites. To prove that we relly mean this, we even named our company after it; Önling means favorite in Danish! We design with longevity and durability in mind, and our hope is that you’ll love and want to have our pieces in your wardrobe for at least five years. We strive for better instead of cheaper and this is slow fashion at it’s best.

We believe there must be a better way

We believe that the fashion industry needs to change by producing better products that last longer and are environmentally friendly.

At Önling we select fabrics that leave the smallest possible impact on the environment, as we know that a piece of clothing will not stand a chance of becoming the modern consumer’s favorite, if it is not responsibly produced.

We select the best, natural fabrics for our clothes. We only use organic cotton, we buy left-over fabrics – called deadstock - from other brands, and we incorporate sustainable fabrics like bamboo, Lyocell and fish leather into our limited collections. We only produce 200 pieces of each style, which means that you will get a unique product, when you buy Önling.

In addition to that, we have completely avoided plastic in our packaging, as we do not want to add to the plastic islands floating around in the pacific ocean. All our products are wrapped in recycled paper bags and even though this might sound like small thing, for us it is big. We have saved the environment for 70.000 polybags by now, and we are proud to take on this responsibility.

"Discover the beauty of sustainability"

This is also your chance to make a change

No doubt, we could have made more money by producing cheaper and buying lower quality fabrics – or by doing something else entirely, but we are in business because we are driven by making an impact. Sure, we need to make a profit in order to stay in business, but we also aim to build a company that can truly impact the fashion industry and inspire both customers and manufactures to prioritize the environment.

We believe that consumers vote with their purchase, and that every purchase you make is a statement about which direction you want companies to take. So we ask you to make your vote count, and buy from companies that make an impact and do things better. Our hope is that more people will buy less, but better. Think before you buy and buy only what you truly love and need.

Önling is based on three key design and production principles:

Timeless  Natural  Responsible

A classic collection not dominated by trends, but with timeless pieces that are wearable, and that will last, from one season to the next. 

 Made from clean, natural materials of the highest quality, including GOTS certified wool and cotton, deadstock fabrics, fish leather, tencel and bamboo. 

Focused on doing the right thing at every step in our supply chain, from using sustainable fabrics and replacing all packaging with recycled paper rather than plastic to ensuring everyting we print is biodegradable and cradle-to-cradle certified.



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