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"Everything is better with mohair"

"Everything is better with mohair"

If I was to create a top 3 with the yarns I love – the ones you always have to touch in the yarn store – then Mohair is definitely in the first place. I love mohair. It's soft and fluffy - I love to include it as accompanying thread, knit with it as a single thread or even better – double mohair! Double up on deliciousness. And also, it is available in so many beautiful colors. Mohair is really good at absorbing color, which is why it works so well for knitwear in powerful colors. 

Our new design Fluffy Fluffy Sweater is knitted in 2 threads mohair and a stripe of glitter to throw some glitter on the everyday life. I'm going to knit one! "And what color are you thinking?" Curry of course. Isager's color 63, copper glitter and stripes in white, pink and yellow.

Isager Silk Mohair in Nature

Back to the mohair. It is referred to as a diamond fiber or a luxury fiber. Just like cashmere, angora and silk. So it is obvious why we love it so much.

The mohair comes from the Angora goats. They originate from Turkey - from the Angora valley. Over time, they have become spread throughout the world. Today, the mohair is produced in South America, the United States and Turkey. An Angora goat produces 5-8 kg. wool a year, so I think we should consider having one outside Önling’s showroom.

Mohair has quite a few attributes, but something that is really cool is that it possesses the same superpowers as silk – mohair is cold when it is hot and hot when it is cold. Also, it does not felt as easily as plain wool. The scales that surround the wool fiber, which are those that make wool felt, are not as developed on the Angora goat and will therefore not felt as easily. Yet, you still have to be careful when washing your mohair.

At Önling we have several kinds of mohair - we have one with longer hair from Isager, that you can see here, and a short-haired mohair called Premia from Lamana, that you can see here. Then we also just became suppliers of Mohair by Canard! We are so excited to expand our mohair catalog and especially with Mohair by Canard. They have the most beautiful colors in their Brushed Lace, which is just so lovely. It's soft as butter and a truly amazing quality. In addition, they cooperate with an organization that ensures that goats and peasants have the best conditions in the production of our luxury.

There is no hair like Mohair

When we made the Fluffy Fluffy Sweater, we wanted to make a blouse that is light and airy and which uses the many beautiful mohair colors. Just like everything gets better with mohair, everything is also a bit more festive with glitter and we love the glitter yarn from Krea Deluxe, which you can find here.  

Mohair and glitter in Fluffy Fluffy sweater

We have just sent the pattern to our test knitters and we look forward to seeing their beautiful results. Follow along on Instagram with #fluffysweater or in our community on Facebook.

The pattern and yarnkits for Fluffy Fluffy sweater will be available on our webshop the 15th of August… 

Mette Lundstad, design and knit enthusiast at Önling


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