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Who are We?

Katrine Hannibal

Katrine began her adventures in the fashion industry in 2000, when she founded Rosemunde in her back yard. In 2003 the first lace top went to market, and from then on Rosemunde expanded swiftly. In 2012, when Katrine sold the company, Rosemunde was an international brand, with products sold in 20 countries.

Katrine is today the creative director and designer at Önling. With this job comes an extensive amount of material research, as Katrine never initiate design drawings before she has chosen the right, sustainable material for the piece of clothing she has in mind. Katrine is passionate about quality and she has an eye for creating designs that are elegant and useable. When Katrine has two minutes time, she can be seen knitting - which has led to the release of the book series "Favorite Knits" 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Lotte Ronan

Lotte has a background in the advertising industry, where she has worked with branding and digital platform strategies since 1998. Lotte has previously with success started her own business, which she sold in 2007.

Lotte is today CEO of Önling, as well as in charge of sales, branding and marketing. Lotte is passionate about sustainability and also spends her time researching sustainable trends along with news in relation to certifications, materials and innovation.

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