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Corrections for Favorite Knits 2


Mistake in the amount of yarn:
Please note that the pattern features a mistake in the amount of yarn, the booklet states too little yarn. The correct amount is: 

Isager Merilin fv 61: (250)250(300)300(350)350(400) g.
Isager Alpaca 1 fv 61: (150)150(150)150(200)200(200) g.

The yarn kits we sell at our website include the correct amount of yarn.

Added May 17th 2017



New version!

The pattern lacks exact directions for attaching the gross-grain band, and the overlay is too big.

We have therefore written a completely new pattern, please send us an e-mail at and we will forward the new pattern to you.


Increases and decreases before dividing for sleeves and body:

Page 4 right column patterns says: 

Next round: Decrease (-) or increase (+) (-8)-12(-8)-5(+2)+4(-8) sts evenly = (292)308(332)352(380)400(432) sts.

This has causes some issues, as the placement of these decreases and increase is crucial for making the following pattern fit. 

So, mark where you make increase and decrease, and spread this evenly across back and front, so when late see a pattern section that feature more or less sts, you know why. It is supposed to be that way, as it is not visible whether there are 16 or 17 sts between the eyelets, the most important part is that the eyelet are right above each other. 

In the future, we promise to reconsider before we adjust the number of sts, and never to do it right before dividing the work ;-) 

Added May 22nd 2017

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