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Bamboo - cleaning our air

Textiles made from bamboo are good for our planet in many ways. The plant grows naturally and quickly, without the use of fertilizer or pesticides. Bamboo furthermore absorbs more CO2 per m2 than any other type of wood. In its short lifetime, a bamboo plant will recirculate the same amount of CO2 as an oak tree will in a hundred years. We love the idea, that a piece of Önling garment made from bamboo has helped cleaning our air, before you start using it. Other special advantages of bamboo are:

  1. It is soft and light.
  2. It is strong, durable and flexible.
  3. It is bacteriostatic and allergy friendly.

    You can enjoy these advantages with our bamboo socks, as well as the Henley t-shirts and Sustainable Silk tops with gather. 

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